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2017: Ideas, Plans and Dreams

Dear friends and colleagues in the ministry!
We wish you a blessed 2017 with God and His guidance!
We wish you new open doors in your ministry. We wish you to see the fruits of your labor!
Maybe it will be interesting for you – here we collect the ideas we would like to realize (or start to realize) in 2017. Some of these ideas are already in action – because of God’s help and your prayer support. Some of ideas are really needed, and it is necessary to have financial possibilities for their “embodiment”.
God is almighty, and we will endeavor to reach people by the Gospel the following ways. We will continue our collaboration with churches for evangelism – personal evangelism, or giving out the newspapers on the special evangelistic events. It helps people to start a new life. There is the addresses of many churches in the newspaper (a kind of “visit cards” inside of the newspaper), so people can call to church after the event or even come there). We also plan to continue collaboration with personal evangelists – people who are active in telling about Jesus. They share the Christian newspaper with people in the cities and villages, in hospitals and nurseries.
We will work in the direction of signing up people from the government of cities and state organization on the Christian newspaper Kolokol. Those people rare visit evangelical church, and if they visit even Orthodox church – it is mostly a formal visit. So, the signing up on the Christian newspaper is one of few ways for these people to receive a spiritual support, information, explanation and help to know Christ. We already saw the fruits of such subscription. A person from the state organization (she started her relationship with God with Kolokol help) told us: “Just do your precious work, it is so important”. So, we try to explain churches this opportunity to bear witness of Christ to the governors.
We want so much to develop an important direction of ministry – sending Kolokol to prisons of signing up prisoners for Kolokol. Why?
1. We have wrote you our statistics of prisons. (In Russia, for every 100 thousand people there are 470-600 prisoners. In Belarus, for every 100 thousand people there are about 335 prisoners – this is the second place in Europe by number of prisoners per capita.).
2. Prisons are an Internet-deprivated zone, and the newspaper is one of rare chance to tell prisoners about Christ.
3. In Russia after “Yarovaya law” it became not so easy for evangelists to come to prison for preaching. But, as a specialist from Russia told us, – this is not a violation to send the newspaper to a prisoner. (People in prison have right to subscribe themselves, but usually they have no money to do it). So, Kolokol is a very good way to reach prisoners.
* By the way, there was an incident in Russia (in Vladivostok): the court demanded to destroy 36 Bibles because there was no any mark of religious organization who distribute it on those Bible (according to the law requirement to the missionary literature). The society and Christian leaders of all the denominations was against it loudly – and the Bibles were not destroyed. But people were punished (fined). The lawyers often don’t know how to apply the new law right. So, we should use all the ways of evangelism while it is allowed.
We see a big need to send the Christian newspaper to hospices, hospitals, nursing homes for old people. There are many people there who desperately need God, Christ. Those people have time to read and to think; but they have no possibility to regularly receive right information – support for their mind and spirit. Sending them Kolokol, we would give it to them. We made an investigation to know the numbers of people in such special places. It is about thousands people in Belarus.
One more point in our “wish-list” is to distribute the Christian information through the newspaper in villages. Here many villages have no Internet, and the priests also visit villages rare. So the Christian newspaper would be a big help people there. We want to develop the Internet part of our missionary ministry, for people (unbelievers and believers) could sign up for the e-version of Kolokol. But it’s necessary to have the advertisement for that. So we also work in the social networks in the Internet. Our goal is to change people’s minds, so we post the interesting spiritual materials and comment the hot and top news from the Christian viewpoint. We will continue it in 2017. Our big dream is to reach unbelievers giving the advertisement on TV. We are sure, if people will know about such a newspaper, they will subscribe. People even don’t know that there is a close exit from their problems! But TV-advertisement it is a dream, not a plan yet, because of a high cost.
* This is one of proofs that people would like to have a Christian newspaper, but they don’t know that it is accessible. In the end of 2016 a Christian sister, Nadia, met a man in the hospital, and they touched the topic of God. He has a problem: his wife drinks. Nadia told him her personal witness, then she gave him Kolokol and told him about the possibility of Christian newspaper subscription. The man said: “How good it is that there is such newspaper!”. Then he came to church with his daughter.
We have the ”technical” possibilities to serve unbelievers and newcomer-believers: we have a state license, a good team, skills, – people just need to know about the newspaper. TV is the quickest way to let them know. And we pray and hope to realize it one day.
Now we pray for more right connections in the Body of Christ for us to be able to realize the missionary ideas. Of course, all this ideas needs to be provided finansially, also the people who can take part in the project of evangelism are needed, – it looks too big for us today. That’s why we ask you to pray with us about it – in consent.
If God opened the possibility to have this missionary newspaper in Belarus, legally, may He help us  to realize this possibility in its fullness!
With many thanks for your interest,
the team of the missionary Christian newspaper Kolokol-the Bell.